Issue No. 2, Autumn 2012

Alternate Version
Phillip A. Ellis

A splash of foam in the dark—
and I am reminded of white swans
whistling like steam in the night;
Zeus is beyond reproach for His sins.

I remember the corridors of night,
hinged upon doors that flap wings
lacquered with stars, and lampooned
by the poetasters of the mind.

And we would run down them all,
into the dizzying gulfs that swallow all
and sundry, like angry whirlpools
that grind up ice with watery teeth.

Phillip A. Ellis is a freelance critic, poet, and scholar. His chapbooks, The Flayed Man and Symptoms Positive and Negative, are available. He is working on a collection for Diminuendo Press. Another has been accepted by Hippocampus Press. He is the editor of Melaleuca.