Issue No. 2, Autumn 2012

Because You Were Shallow
Angie Ruth Garcia

You were shallow and I liked it.

Because you were shallow, I felt pretty.



You made me feel sexy under your attentions, and I grew in it.

Because you were shallow, you boosted my ego.

I walked around as if no one could touch me.

No one could touch me or come near to the amount of pleasure I received.

Because you were shallow, and obviously, you chose me.

Because you were shallow, I only cared about how you felt,

What you saw, and what you’d see.

I only cared about whether you were pleased,

because in this phase of my life, pleasing you pleased me.

Because you were shallow, I only cared about one type of synchronicity:

Rhythm and Heat.

I only cared about how and where your mouth touched me,

and how you reacted to my electricity.

Because you were shallow, everything felt sexy.

Angie Ruth Garcia moved to Boston in 2004 in search of love, culture and music. After an interesting childhood in Florida, she escaped to find herself trapped in the wonders of Boston. Vowing every year to move, she found herself unable to turn away from the love that Boston gave her. In the midst of confusion, she decided to compromise and stay in Boston Metro until its inspiration discontinued.
She lives in Medford with a Kat and a dog.