Issue No. 2, Autumn 2012

Rory Fleming

If I could just ignore it
that you don’t even love me
that I don’t even love you

if I could just forget it
the pistons of your legs
grazing the speckles of stars
to bring them down
like sparklers for neighborhood children
they don’t want to see you leave

but your destiny is elsewhere
glittering on the horizon
in the neon of future streets
it’ll be so hard
but not for you
I’ll hold your hand
except I won’t
ten-thousand years in the future
will you remember me
when they plug you into a wall
to be recharged
and you find someone like yourself
who understands what it is like
to be plugged into a wall
to be recharged

it’ll be so hard
not for you
not you

Rory Fleming is a writer of stories and poems, particularly of a magical realist bent. He has work forthcoming or published in The Speculative Edge, Yesteryear Fiction, and Apocrypha and Abstractions, among others.