Issue No. 1, Summer 2012

Setting Sun (2012)
Ariane Ramirez

Amber Afternoon
Philipp W. Aurand

mid afternoon
arranged just over the cityscape
visible now and again
past the tall concrete buildings
deep and grey
cool shadows set upon the streets
stenciled by hot rays
filtered dirty peach and amber by smog
the rusty orange solar mood briefly interpreted
through the multihued reflections
on surfaces textured or smooth
through layers of automobiles
static or in motion
the throngs wading to and fro
marbled by swirling degrees of heat and wind
animating the urban grid
on a warm afternoon
out of focus and grainy with heat
and the possibility of evening

Philipp W. Aurand lives in Seattle, WA. When he’s not tending bar he enjoys painting on found objects, studying Spanish and letting poems find him. His work has appeared in Kweli Journal and OVS Magazine.

Ariane Ramirez is a student at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Inspired by her brother, she is currently pursuing a B.A. in Special Education (because special people are a hundred times more awesome than so-called “normal” individuals). She is a mom, a hardcore procrastinator, pessimist, and overall just a tiny, angry black storm cloud in combat boots. She is mesmerized by the cosmos and spellbound by violin songs. She’d also like to point out that she is not a real artist, but enjoys pretending to be one in her spare time. Some of her obsessions include video games, skulls, owls, and cheese. Visit her: