Issue No. 1, Summer 2012

Manga Girls Need Love! [Haruna, a Girl with the Face of a Forgetful Gem}

When she’s all sweet talk & ginger hands, the world turns soft & blind. In the night, her demons stand above your bed, swallowing swords, boasting of perfect night vision. Before the rain, your last words were…Do we have a future? If you could shrink her, she’d be a gem in your pocket. Even when she turns half-ugly, you both share bread & break words. On some days, windy on Tokyo corners, she resembles the sister you never had. A love like dragon kites falling from your skies. Or she leaves you with a puzzle: Can love ever be gender-neutral? Who would be the boss? Should we really turn real? Why or why not?

You’re running through the streets of Harajuku, past the dark & metallic colors, girls of plaid, boys with chains, fingers stuck in zippers. You’re afraid you’ve lost her again. She’s falling from rooftops. She’s going to die from neglect. You have the sick feeling of stepping on pearls.

*   *   *

Manga Girls Need Love! [After the Deluge}

When they die, where do they go? The matter is not material. They go inside you, sneaking up in your pastel dreams of deer in the backyard. There is no fixative. Jin Jin’s head pops up from a tin can & she spray paints the city in a shade of mauve happiness. Kat still dances in her pajamas. Your father sends his love from the under-blue. We all wish to be dolphins.
The purpose of life is to set the corpses free. To be nothing. But give them shelter. And they will stay inside. They will put up new wallpaper.

Kyle Hemmings has been published in Matchbook, This Zine Will Change Your Life, TenPagePress, Wigleaf, and elsewhere. His latest chapbook is Anime Junkie from Scars Publications.