Issue No. 1, Summer 2012

Snow White’s Math Problem

If seven dwarves each own
seven shirts, seven pairs of socks,
seven pairs of pants, and
seven pairs of boxers,
then how much money does
Snow White have to pay
for laundry, so she
can hang out in the forest
with friends, smoking
and reading cheap magazines?

* * *

Prince Charming

He was a Buddhist,
riding his meditation,
the horse’s hooves his mantra.
He breathed in rhythm with the trees.

The princess was an illusion.
The kiss a metaphor
for what he did not know.

And he, like others before him,
knew that where the story ends
is actually its beginning.

Susan Scheid is part of the thriving poetry community in Washington, DC. She tends to have an eye (and an ear) for the quirky and unusual; and she tries to find a way to include them in her writing. She grew up listening to poetry and to fairy tales and her favorite moments are the ones where she was squirreled away with her copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. She has had work published in The Unrorean, Bark!, Bark Two, Tidal Basin Review, and Poetic Art. She has worked in collaboration with a visual artist and her poems have been featured in several art pieces. She is currently working on a book manuscript in collaboration with her sister, which features her fairy tale poems as well as watercolor illustrations of several of the works. This summer she will be one of six Artists in Residence at the Noyes School of Rhythm in Connecticut.