Issue No. 3, Winter 2012

Fence, Zeina Makky
Zeina Makky

Michigan Midwinter
Deda Kavanagh

Days and nights our skate blades squeak-scrape,
walk-sliding the graveled half-block
to the rink in Lola Valley – icy goldfish scales,
lower slowly to land on our lashes.
I hold hands with whichever sister,
we side-step our blades steady down the hill,
brothers zoom along in saucers and flyers.
A campfire zigzags orange sparks into bitter night air
does nothing to warm numb toes
scratches at throats and burns our eyes.
The rink is lit by one spot lamp,
where a handsome teenage boy hangs, hands in his pockets.
He talks to me. What’s your name?
I’m eleven, and I learn what smitten means.
Every cold night I look for him
I hear the words he spoke to me
I was like a blue-pink glint on a single strand
of his spider’s web. All winter
I replayed his attentiveness and imagined him
singing January’s hit, Go Away Little Girl
it was scrumptious as cotton candy and melted with the snow.

Deda Kavanagh grew up in Redford Michigan and lives in Bucks County Pa. Her poems have been published in U.S. 1 Worksheets, In Gear, Paterson Literary Review, Schuylkill Valley Journal, Freshet, Kelsey Review, and Lehigh Valley Literary Review.

Zeina Makky is an award-winning newspaper designer who also likes to take photographs in her spare time.