Issue No. 3, Winter 2012

Rocks in Snow
Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz

St Moritz
Jay Rubin
—March, 1980

Mountains rise beyond the glass
green gives way to gray
I try to catch a rolling nap
a panorama passing by

A frozen lake, a wedding cake
an icy crust on cobbled streets
icicles on stone-cold eaves
each falling star, a waxy flake

No tale to tell, no epic rhyme
just a slice of rye tonight
this shallow bowl of brine

Just a hush, a quiet hum
another log gone red—
and now, to sleep, O feather bed

Jay Rubin teaches writing at The College of Alameda in the San Francisco Bay Area and publishes Alehouse, an all-poetry literary journal, at He holds an MFA in Poetry from New England College and lives in San Francisco with his son and Norwich terrier.

Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz is a writer and aspiring photographer. Her work has appeared in various journals, online and print, as well as several anthologies. She blogs about the creative life at