Issue No. 3, Winter 2012

In That Far Haven
Penny Harter

In childhood, I often visited a village at twilight—
a village twinkling in the gloaming sky, floating there
like some far haven of the fae come down to bless us.

I was welcome then, invited to a feast set out on silver
plates, and sat at table with the rest—cloaked like them
in strange diaphanous and haloed flesh.

Mild-faced wolves, curled like faithful dogs at our feet,
laid their silky heads upon our laps as we slipped them
roasted scraps of a wild beast brought in from the dark

uncharted forests far beyond us. Some sacrament was
being acted out in those hallowed rooms, some festive
celebration of the bond between us all—and I, the guest,

craved to stay among their kind, to live forever in that
sphere of light and laughter, drinking ambrosia with the
ancient ones who’d come here long ago—ancestors of

earth, air, fire, water, who deign to come among us now
and then, crossing the threshold of our mortal coil; who
kindly let me join their festal rites—and taught me well.

Penny Harter is published widely in journals and anthologies. Her books include *One Bowl* (2012); *Recycling Starlight* (2010); *The Night Marsh* (2008); *Buried in the Sky* (2002); *Lizard Light: Poems from the Earth* (1998); and *Turtle Blessing* (1996). With her late husband, William J. Higginson, she co-authored *The Haiku Handbook* (25th Anniversary Edition, 2010), and her illustrated children’s alphabestiary, *The Beastie Book*, came out end of 2009. A Dodge poet, Harter read at the 2010 Dodge Poetry Festival. She has received three poetry fellowships from the NJSCA, the Mary Carolyn Davies Award from the PSA, and a January, 2011, fellowship from VCCA. For more information, please visit her web site: