Issue No. 6, Autumn 2013

"The Dreamer #2," Barbara Carter
The Dreamer #2
Barbara Carter

Rimonah of the Flashing Sword
Donna Prinzmetal

Pomegranate skin,
eyes bright as seeds, melon-
veined skin, in case
you didn’t recognize her—not

white like me—
she wore her mother, crystal
vial of blood
around her bronzed neck
for protection.
And of course, you will remember

the sorceress, how she stirred
a porcelain bowl,
water gleaming,
how she admired her perfect teeth
from all the camel’s milk.

I wish
my huntsman had a gazelle
to impersonate me in death,
the scorpion necklace
that was harmless by day:
when the sun set, Rimonah stomped
it with a boot.

If I had a shining sword
to slice this desert night,
a steed to straddle,
forty thieves to stand guard
over my glass sleep,
who knows where my leathered feet
might wander next. Remember,

skin free of grave smell,
the liquid red mother
not far, sweet pomegranate juice voice,
blood smell suspended
from the open space
across her throat.

Donna Prinzmetal is a poet, psychotherapist and teacher living in Portland, OR. Her book of Snow White persona poems entitled, Snow White, When No One Was Looking, is scheduled for publication with CW Books in May of 2014. Her work has appeared in Prairie Schooner, The Journal, Cider Press Review and many other small press publications.

Barbara Carter is a visual artist living in Nova Scotia Canada. You can visit her website at: