Issue No. 6, Autumn 2013

What We Found We Didn’t Want to Find
Louis Bourgeois

My uncle and I found a dead old woman in her car at the end of the road, near the marsh. She was just dead, that’s all, nothing more. I didn’t feel anything much and my uncle said this would just make us late for the incoming tide when we hoped to lay into the huge schools of croakers that came inland this time of year. So, we decided to deal with the dead woman later on and continue our fishing trip. Man, we tore into them, huge croakers like I’d never seen before or since. We filled both of our large garbage bags full of croakers but then we got worried that the game warden might catch us on the mile and a half walk back home, so we took to the woods instead. We made it home easily enough and when we walked into the house with our overstuffed garbage bags of pure fish, my uncle told my aunt to call the police and tell them about the dead woman in the blue Cadillac at the end of Parquet Road. She called and the police said they would just get a statement from my uncle over the phone, and that was it. We ate fine fresh croaker filets that night with thick white New Orleans French bread, which in my opinion is better than Parisian French bread.

During our magnificent fish dinner, we hardly talked about the dead woman in the blue Cadillac at all.


Louis Bourgeois is the executive Director of VOX PRESS, a non-profit art group based in Oxford, Mississippi. His memoir, The Gar Diaries, was re-published this summer by the U.K. press The Other Publishing Company.