Issue No. 6, Autumn 2013

Jennifer Powers
The Awakening
Jennifer A. Powers

Patricia Gomes

Zenobia haunts the graveyards
in search of flowers for her table,
the morning’s Communion wafer
still on her tongue.

Faded blossoms these —
zombie roses
and silver dollars
to place upon her sorrowed eyes and dream.

Fettered by golden chain,
by the glads she stalks.
willow tears,
tepid and colorless,
she carves her isolation into the headstones …
marbleized, immortalized.

Fallen leaves rise to float
on a breath of mournful current
enticing Zenobia
to dance
with muddied shoes
until Those with Keys come
to lock the iron gate against the sun.
Bonsoir, bonsoir.

Zenobia returns to her room then,
beribboned in floral cast-offs,
bedecked in acceptance.
She sets the table for one,
and dines alone.

Award winning poet/author Patricia Gomes has been published in countless literary journals and anthologies, both in print and electronically. She is the author of four chapbooks and performs her work extensively throughout the New England area. Currently, she is the on-line poetry moderator of iVillage’s ( Poets Workshop, a division of NBC. She is a co-founder of the Writers’ Block workshop in New Bedford, MA, and an active member of the Bartley Scrivener Poetry Group in Dartmouth, MA, and the Massachusetts State Poetry Society.

Jennifer A. Powers was born and raised in Connecticut. She earned a BA in English from the University of Connecticut and is attending Western Connecticut State University for her MFA. She has short stories published or forthcoming in The MacGuffin, Foliate Oak, Wild Violet, Linden Avenue, Prairie Wolf Press Review, Folio, Diverse Voices Quarterly, Grasslimb, and Hawai’i Pacific Review, and photography in Foliate Oak, Josephine Quarterly, Paper Tape, The Meadowland Review, and Subprimal Poetry Art. Please visit