Issue No. 4, Spring 2013

Bearing Witness
Susan Rooke

I hold still and quiet,
listening. The world
has stopped. Silence
black and heavy
as a raven drops

into a treetop, and
the nude branches sag
low. Bright flakes
of golden leaves lie
dead in bronze grass.

I am on a slow road,
a pilgrim leaving winter,
the ground beneath grown
stiff in its restraint.
Silence lifts, clears

the treetops as it wings
away. I wonder what
I would have seen
if it had stayed.
Silence will eat anything.

Susan Rooke is a Pushcart-nominated writer living in Austin, Texas. Her work has appeared recently or is forthcoming on Austin Capital Metro buses, as well as in Poemeleon, Solo Novo, Pulse: voices from the heart of medicine, and San Pedro River Review. She has completed the first novel of her fantasy series, The Space Between, and is at work on the second. She has resolved to finally secure her own website in 2013.