Issue No. 4, Spring 2013

Crow Husband
Marci Ameluxen

He can’t help it, he says shiny objects in the bottom
of yard sale bins

they spark and twick at him until (claw wrapped) in his hands
they turn and gleam

driving down the road he sees hand-scrawled
“4 Family Garage Sale”

feels his head cock to the side
eyes bright dark gaze (caw) beautiful

he thinks each new, blazing object could be
the final best of all

where does the crow display
besides its nest?

each week our garden gate totemed in new objects

two abalone belt buckles: inlaid sailboat and polar bear
small pink pig
logging chain with hook

feathers of other birds
toy plane
copper heart engraved with a bird

metallic blue Match Box van
red bead/plastic pearl bracelet with
another heart.

After Saturday classifieds
Crow Husband drives off in his car

omnivorous appetite radiant.

Marci Ameluxen lives on an island in Washington State with her husband and two children. When not taming her garden or writing poetry she works as a pediatric occupational therapist.

The poems selected for Rose Red Review are excerpted from her chapbook “Lean House” from MoonPath Press, spring 2013. Marci’s poems have appeared in The Crab Creek Review, The Comstock Review, Waccamaw, Passager, The Compass Rose and Hospital Drive among others.