Feature: Issue No. 4, Spring 2013

Stella Rothe

Lorelei After the Divorce
Amber Decker

The shipwrecked corpse of her marriage is still fresh, perfect
white pearls of her pubic bones left hot and skipping.
She is a shimmery shadow at the bar,
rosary of a drink in her hand,
slender as a swan’s delicate neck.
A dead man cannot dance
with other women
, she says, her eyes hard as seashells
as the lazy bones of morning crack the eastern sky.
The desperate ones dash themselves apart
on the rocks of her breasts, and the fish are pleased
to share her meals, to dance their quicksilver selves through
her summer wreckage, those last gasps
for air little bubbles of goodbye
the waves break
to bits.

Amber Decker is the author of two volumes of poetry, Sweet Relish and Lost Girls. Her work has been featured internationally in venues both in print and online. In her spare time, she can either be found at the gym or parked in front of her Playstation. Amber spends her days disguising herself as a diligent student of English literature; she lives in West Virginia with a spoiled dog and an evil cat.

Stella Rothe is 26 and currently studying English and philosophy in Rochester, Michigan. Her photography and writing has most recently been published in Ceremony, Pink Panther Magazine, Nain Rouge, and BAC Street Journal.