Issue No. 4, Spring 2013

The Tree of Life
Shawn Salik

that it
all begins
with a meagre,
humble genesis,
the future is unknown

while a
progression shows
early signs of move-
ment, rooting vast, rosy

promises; see,
lack of wisdom is
phased temporarily
as long as professions state:
“With age alone comes none, but years,”

and as the gusts of tempests wail
away, our footing will be
tested, whether a conifer
or a birch, flexibility will

determine our survival
for unseen calamities stay
suspended out of reach (Murphy’s law);
mass flooding will drown us, choking our al-

ready toxic cataracts past
our capacities, over-filling,
sheathing mirages will pierce our flesh, crush-
ing valued foundations of life, and purpose

all hope will have promptly vanished into
remains of a former glory;
seized will be loss of life
but recall,
lack is
temporary –

Shawn Salik has poetry currently published with Haiku Journal. He is in his third year of studies at the University of Toronto majoring in History and English. He strives for innovation, particularity, and perspective throughout his work. Concerning the core, contemporary societal issues, Shawn brings an interesting, and critical outlook on people, life, and behaviours through a keen focus on voice/persona.