Issue No. 5, Summer 2013

M.J. Iuppa

What is it that upsets the volcanoes
that spit fire, cold and rage?


Silent one, pacific mountain
the professor described as dangerous,

looms over Tacoma, making
its own weather–looking calm

yet rough-faced. Mother of waters
Rainier, whose internal fires brood,

waits another decade for our world’s
toothless insult to ignite its fiery river

that, in quick course, will match
the ruins of Pompeii.

M.J. Iuppa lives on a small farm near the shores of Lake Ontario. Her most recent poems have appeared in Poetry East, The Chariton Review, Tar River Poetry, Blueline, The Prose Poem Project, and The Centrifugal Eye, among others. Recent chapbook is As the Crows Flies (Foothills Publishing, 2008) and second full length collection, Within Reach (Cherry Grove Collections, 2010); forthcoming prose chapbook Between Worlds (Foothills Publishing). She is Writer-in-Residence and Director of the Visual and Performing Arts Minor program at St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY.