Issue No. 7, Winter 2013

Imagine a Mask of Feathers
Sadie Ducet

Oddly invisible, and without
the matching set of wings—
don’t try to draw this at home
you’ll only freeze a falsehood:
carnival gimmick, plastic
souvenir, flat with sequins and
the leaping eye shadow—

What we’re after, you and I,
is the feel, the downy
whirr, soft tickle, that—
when you press in (press in)—keeps
sinking back. We want
the low trill, the pulse, the brush—
plunder. pillow.

This is not, after all, some bright
exotic thing. Imagine the wren
or the owl. Imagine the dove,
caught. Imagine the fingers nestled,
down. In.

Sadie Ducet’s poetry appears in places like The Progressive, Literary Mama, Midwestern Gothic and Off the Coast, although she never does. Her work is curated by fellow Wisconsin poet Sarah Busse, co-editor of Verse Wisconsin and one of two Poets Laureate of Madison.