Issue No. 7, Winter 2013

Rumi me
Sheikha A.

if you say you seek me,
claim me.

I have walked
the farthest roads
and sought the highest
skies, no night
can show a moon
as tonight’s,
projecting my shadows
as bruises
or memories
of flickering motions
for gazers
or wanderers
to spend away precious
sleep, over narrations
the clouds spill
into the night
of its gauntlet garb
gleaming gallantly
guiltless of how the moon
wills reality
to elude half bent eyes
to a worship
whose mind betrays
faith from realization.

Rumi me,
away from the garb-less moon,
to seek instead
the truth.

Sheikha A. is a writer currently based in Pakistan who is also a recent first place winner of the Poetry Sans Frontier competition and a regular contributor to the eFiction India Magazine. She has been published in several online journals such as Red Fez, Open Road Review and American Diversity Report amongst others. Her works talk about her life’s experiences and reflections on the turmoil between what was and could have been, and what is and could be. This state of constant inertia of the mind trapped in imagining the unreal as real is what produces her written word.