Issue No. 7, Winter 2013

Stella Isis Rothe

Winter Feature, 2013
Gethsemane and Ouroboros by David R. Cravens
Herself, Unhinged: a series of collages by Drew Barnes

The Halfway House by Maureen Eldred
In Country by Chloe N. Clark
Exaltation by Sarah Rakel Orton
Sorrow Brings a Dancer by Douglas Sterling
Red Cap by Hannah Stoppel
Banana by Dawn Wilson
Two Islands by Anita Felicelli
Mirage by Olivia Pourzia

Flash Fiction
Kate Winslet by Samantha Memi
Why Prince Theo Had Plastic Surgery by Amber Dawn Hollinger

The Little Red Truth by Kristin Stoner
Curiosity by Laura Madeline Wiseman
Mars, Temple, and Ego Magic by Corinne Gaston
The Black Widow’s Bite and Medusa, Besieged by Jeannine Hall Gailey
The Fall of Ithaca by Jennifer Lynn Krohn
If Eurydice Were My Mother, Coatlicue Defends, Amongst Others, the Tunguska Event, and Manju Speaks by Jennifer Givhan
A Scandinavian Hotel in Couplets and I Have Decided to Write the Greatest Poem in the World by Alexandra van de Kamp
Blue Gardenia by Beau Boudreaux
Rumi Me by Sheikha A.
Imagine a Mask of Feathers and The Girl the Gods Let Go by Sadie Ducet
Samhain, Newgrange, and Cave by Barbara Crooker

"Preludes and Nocturnes #2" -- Stella Rothe
Preludes and Nocturnes #2
Stella Isis Rothe

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