Issue No. 10, Autumn 2014

A Ritual
After Woman with Sticks by Ron Mueck

The nude woman,
muscles bulging, collects
mulberry sticks
cut branches
left in her neighbor’s backyard.
He will return to store them
in the cement shed
behind his
Bauhaus-style home.

I take them as donations
for my organic abstractions,
natural sculptures,
she says
to herself.
The infinite sticks arch her
back as the bundle strains

earth to heaven.
A reflection

in her pond like cattails
waiting for dragonflies. She
grew up in Springfield, a humid
place, a factor in her
affinity to pile high her
findings like a cocoon.

Piano Sonata in B. Minor
floats over her fence. She
grunts and tries to hum.

Cindy Rinne creates art and writes in San Bernardino, CA. She is an author with Michael Thomas Cooper of Speaking Through Sediment (forthcoming). Cindy is a reader for Tin Cannon by PoetrIE and a Poetry Editor for The Sand Canyon Review, Crafton Hills College, CA. She is a translator. Cindy is a founding member of PoetrIE. Her work appeared or is forthcoming in The MOON Magazine, Dual Coast Magazine, Artemis Journal, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, Pirene’s Fountain, The Poetry Bus (Ireland), The Wayfarer, Extinguished, Extinct Anthology by Twelve Winters Press, The Lake (England), and others.