Issue No. 10, Autumn 2014

Sky Scattered
Martie Ingebretsen

This is a memory of sky, scattered,
the sound the sun made in the air.

Slow down slow down,
for now
walk along this dream
where sand holds your foot
not quite long enough to drown.

I could see that road in the water still.


if it was made of fine threads
laying across another paradise,
I could walk with wings folded
and place my weary body there.

Through time a spirit gives and takes,
the movement dashes castles made of sand,
a foundation made of ash
blow it out, blow it out
and hold the rock inside with open hand.

Martie Ingebretsen has taken many classes in creative writing, poetry and fiction throughout her life. Her novella, Sweet William, was published in 2013. She has also written a number of short stories and over two thousand poems. She is proud of the ones that have been published. She is a keen observer and finds imagery in all things, and in so doing learns from the beauty and wisdom that surrounds her. Martie lives in Sacramento.