Issue No. 10, Autumn 2014

John the Baptist, Afterward
Micki Blenkush

What I wanted was the washing,
as with the women twisting their garments
along the sea of Galilee. If I could have stayed
in the wilderness I would have done so,

but the pull of the river weighed
my hairshirt’s hem, cooled the wild honey
afire in my veins. Here I could let it happen—
drench my sandals, soak my scratched knees,

rinse clear, so the light pierced beyond
my cave of reason, like the jagged sun bursting
through the trees of my forest home.

Micki Blenkush works as a social worker and lives in St. Cloud, MN with her husband and daughter. Her writing has appeared in Nota Bene; An Anthology of Central Minnesota Writers, in Limehawk, and in Crossings’ Poet-Artists Collaboration XIII, and Poetography VI. One of her poems was selected for St. Cloud’s 2013 Poetry in the Sidewalks contest, and is now immortalized in cement.