Issue No. 10, Autumn 2014

Dream Poem II
Steven Westbrook

This one is yours and,
somehow, I made my way
into it. You;

a man with female parts;
with masculine heart.

The norms which river
their way through any love,
in this, we sail it.

We kiss and all I want
is to fix clocks. I could
never manage time.

For instance: in some reality
I loved you, and never
had to recover, I loved you

despite our preoccupations.
I must have forgotten.
I must have been too selfish

to remember. You made
a bed from an aubade
and I call it “us”. I call it

wishful thinking and
staying still. The scene so
UFO, the feeling;

the earth it vacates. Love,
undo the stitches
you’re accustomed to. You,

as we sin in you beyond
the cask of our individual
selves, take your time. Time,

stand still for a while.
In return I’ll fix clocks
every year for every second

of this.

Steven Westbrook is a poet, photographer and former Creative Writing tutor who is currently an undergrad at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. Work of his can be found in Torrid Literature Journal, Squalorly Literature, Instigatorzine, and The Cadaverine, among others, as well as a photography showcase at MOCA Jacksonville. Tony Trigilio recently awarded a poem of his second place in Columbia College Chicago’s Young Authors Competition. You can stalk him at