Issue No. 10, Autumn 2014

The clock of the long now

knows that violets are nothing
like an android’s kiss rigid
in unlived heat, is a shell,

edges chipped, a geisha,
spring in one hand, autumn
in the other. The long now

pays taxes to the Milky Way,
its coins stardust and space junk,
it wants to hold your hand,

tell you time stands still
but you don’t want that yet,
hibiscus flowers wilting

by the minute.

After retiring from the Department of English at West Virginia University where she taught 20th Century Irish and British literature, Susan Shaw Sailer completed an MFA in the low-residency Program in Poetry at New England College in 2007. Her poems have appeared in such journals as Persimmon Tree, THEMA, and Paterson Literary Review. Her chapbook, Coal, was published in 2012 by Finishing Line Press. Her book, Ship of Light, was published by Port Yonder Press in 2013. Her reviews and articles about poetry have appeared in Indiana Review, Prairie Schooner and Alehouse Review. Sailer lives in Morgantown, West Virginia.