Issue No. 10, Autumn 2014

I Search in Dreams for You
Tyler L. Erlendson

I search in dreams for you
climbing through open windows
traipsing through wheat fields
pressed down by a sky
that carries your name.

Looking for the hands
that could be cupping my face
the body that curves unobtrusively
into the weakest parts of me, healing.

The pit of my most secure self reeling
from the tragedy that is the question
when I ask to be loved by you
the way I am already loved by someone else.

I am in trouble as we meet stirring,
waking eye to I
you slip on a cream summer dress
its embroidered flowers cutting me off
just above the knees
my soul speaking, its mouth silent
this writing spinning in rooms
as you are greeting the African night.

Tyler L. Erlendson is the writer and director of the documentary film STRAIGHT WHITE MALE, which was an official selection of Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood, Ca. (2011) He is currently a poet in Pacific University’s MFA program. He lives on a small farm with his wife in Sonoma County, Ca.