Issue No. 10, Autumn 2014

"The Archer #1" -- Carey Blankenship
The Archer #1
Carey Blankenship

Autumn Feature, 2014
Francesca Lia Block and Beyond The Pale Motel

Dragonsilk by Sandi Leibowitz
Thousand Eyes by Kelly Weber
The Lace in the Window by Kristi Petersen Schoonover
The Pet by Ken Poyner
Chorie: A Tragedy by J. T. Townley
The Songs of Knives by Jessica Drake-Thomas

Flash Fiction
Luna e Talia by Molly Lazer
Lost & Found by Samantha Barron

A Ritual and Tigress by Cindy Rinne
The Sex Life of Swans by Sandy Coomer
John the Baptist, Afterward by Micki Blenkush
The Princess and the Pea by Lucy M. Logsdon
I Search in Dreams for You by Tyler L. Erlendson
Sky Scattered by Martie Ingebretsen
Dream Poem II by Steven Westbrook
The clock of the long now by Susan Shaw Sailer
Song by Sarah Sadie

"Submerged" -- Ellen Chai
Submerged #1
Ellen Chai

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