Issue No. 8, Spring 2014

Advice from a Crone
Brianna Sulzener

Grab glamour and wed goodness.
Travel is a time for silence. Remember that
no man enjoys an unmade bed. Play games
in the grass with wild children. Drink water
each morning and swim alone. Forgive
yourself—even for that. Sacrifice your gods
to your garden. Care little for your own suffering,
and much for the suffering of others.
Wear hats. Be loyal to your secrets.
Spend your gold. Flirt with monsters.

One day it will be dusk—all the tea leaves
read, the poetry eaten. Death arrives
with her jar of venom. Greet her with wine-
hot cheeks and a heart still bleeding.
Say ‘good morning, stranger. I’m much obliged.’

Brianna Sulzener is a Floridian living in Iowa City. Her poems have recently appeared in Goblin Fruit, Stone Telling, and Mirror Dance.