Issue No. 8, Spring 2014

Diane Dehler


I awoke
in the middle
of the night

To discover that
I was sitting on
a window ledge

Watching the
final ascent
of the moon.

It was disconcerting
for I remembered
the cool feel of

Pale satin sheets
as I slipped into
a skin of dream,


I turned
and suddenly
she was

next to me,
La Immortelle.

Haven’t I watered
you enough
I asked her

As she stepped out
of translucent
fuschia petals.

Diane Dehler is an American poet known for her postmodern lyricism who has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2014. She received a degree from the Creative Writing Program at San Francisco State University, receiving the Outstanding Student of the Year Award. She has also received numerous humanitarian awards for her volunteer service to the community. She is an English Language poet in the international literary scene. Most recently she has published in: poeticdiversity, Moonbathing: a journal of women’s tanka, The Criterion: an International Journal in English, The Applicant: a Kathmandu based Online Journal, Munyori Literary Review, The Taj Mahal Review and Deepwater Literary Journal. She is known for flower photography, especially her studies of the lotus, orchid and chrysanthemum. Her blog Princess Haiku has received 200,000 + views globally and she can be found on Facebook.