Issue No. 9, Summer 2014

The White Poppy
Alexandra Isacson
-after Leonardo’s lost Leda and the Swan

Between inhales & exhales
the wind turns the poppy’s crown,
gentle as a mid-wife’s hands.

She pushes,
full flesh in ecstasies.
Egg tempera & embryonic fluff,

wet draperies of foamy skirts
sea wash with pigments
& translucent petal splash.

Colors catch in Leonardo’s
canvas snag of notorious
bird-god & cracked eggs

of infamous femme fatales:
Helen & Clytemnestra.
She shudders in feather silk flush,
winds herself in umbilicus cord.

The wind knots & bites with gentle teeth, sets Leda free.

Alexandra Isacson’s poetry chapbook, Narcotic Silks, is forthcoming from Dancing Girl Press. She is also the author of Poetic Anthropologies, a tribute to the humanities, published by Medulla Press. Her poetry has been nominated for Pushcarts and The Best of the Net Anthology. She has published in Van Gogh’s Ear, Blue Fifth Review, New World Writing, & other awesome places.