Issue No. 9, Summer 2014

Little Red
Katie Booms

is not a good enough name for her.
First love, first love, these woods
she skipped into
A little girl
with velvet blushing ties at her neck,
ruby berry-picking fingers in the
sudden cape of sunset.
Snapdragon, blanket flower, none-so-pretty,
crimson clover: blooms
with tails like the end of rattlesnakes
The scrapes you got in the woods
The tongue of a wolf when it speaks
The inside of a stomach

Katie Booms is a writer, visual artist, and advocate for community-building. She welcomes collaboration of all kinds and can be found on Twitter as @ka_booms. She earned her MFA at the University of Wyoming, served for a year with AmeriCorps at the Freret Neighborhood Center in New Orleans and recently taught at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI. Her poetry just appeared in Midwestern Gothic and Every Day Poems.