Issue No. 9, Summer 2014

Patrick Cabello Hansel

Some say we all come back
as our spirit animal:
moose, deer, brown bear,

which leaves the living
to discern who the dead were
and what they offer now:

footprints in the forest,
bark rubbed clean on one side,
seedlings nibbled down to the root,

these are our messages,
the ones sent from ancestors,
the ones we must learn

while there still is time.

Patrick Cabello Hansel has published poems in Hawai’i Pacific Review, Painted Bride Quarterly, Turtle Quarterly, Passager, Parachute, Perfume River Poetry Review, The Meadowland Review and other journals, and has poems forthcoming in Red Earth Review, Talking Stick and the anthology Veils, Halos and Shackles: International Poetry on the Abuse and Oppression of Women. He was selected for the 2008-09 Mentor Series in Poetry at the Loft Literary Center in Minnesota, and was a 2011 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grantee. His novella Searching was serialized in 33 issues of The Alley News.