Issue No. 9, Summer 2014

Victor Liu

engraving the earth with
marks of tenuity i
turn to the mercurial satellites —
faithful vagrants entrapped
( yet elusive )
in perilous flight
encircling and sounding
incommensurable seconds
( , minutes, hours )
out of
step .

how does the starlight
fall so far ,
into the expanse which knows
no end ?

( a breath of bells heeds me ,
incomprehensibly omniscient . )

Victor Liu is a high school senior attending Branson School in Ross, CA, and is honored to have recently enrolled as part of Stanford University’s Class of 2018, planning to major in English. He recently had the honor of being awarded 1st Place in Marin Poetry Center’s annual anthological competition. His influences include ee cummings and William Carlos Williams. Beyond writing, Victor is also an artist and enjoys gallery excursions.