Issue No. 9, Summer 2014

Untitled #1
Ira Joel Haber

Summer Feature, 2014
Four Paintings by Victor Liu

Path Before Giants by Jo Taylor
Tip of the Iceberg by Carrie Vaccaro Nelkin
The Red Red Rose by Karen Bovenmyer
Maid Myrta’s Children by Iva Levarre
Backup and Restore by Troy Harris

Flash Fiction
By Butterfly Wings by Allie Marini Batts
Okay by Monica Nawrocki

Creative Non-Fiction
Selkie by Julie Jeanell Leung

The Summerland by William Reichard
My Wife’s Cryogenics by Paul David Adkins
Cloud Fables by Jonathan Travelstead
Persephone Explains the Pomegranate by Anne Brannen
The Giraffe by Matt Morris
Wisdom and Father, Dream by Patrick Cabello Hansel
Delilah Scorned by Elizabeth Johnston
Little Red by Katie Booms
Two Doors Down by Molly McCormack
Emergence by Carolyn Cushing
A Dream Held In A Mouth by Dah Helmer
footfalls and how the glass feels the moment before it by Victor Liu
[crafting the curve] and [iron-bellied] by Emma Karnes
Tiny Pond by Duane L. Herrmann
Stone by Julie Brooks Barbour
Her Swedish Fairy Tales: the Girl Who Fasted Too Long by Carol Berg
There Are Men in This City Who Dress Their Sons Like Themselves and Pulpo by Alejandro Escudé
Overheard Conversations No. 1 by Kat Lerner
The White Poppy by Alexandra Isacson
On Your Hundredth Birthday by William Cullen, Jr.

Untitled #2
Ira Joel Haber

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