Issue No. 11, Winter 2014

Anjana Raghavan

Today, I woke up with a dream memory. In my dream, a woman with a gentle face gifted me a pair of shoes that she had made by hand. They were sturdy, very plain, cloth- shoes; navy blue in colour. We were in a mountain- forest, beautiful beyond imagination, and the rain was heavy as a guardian wolf, hiding us from the world. The shoes had only one peculiarity – they were joined together by a strip of cloth. I asked the woman why she’d designed them this way. She smiled softly and said, “the band of cloth joining the shoes together will make sure that you pay attention to walking. It will make you take small, deliberate steps, so that you are not always running blind everywhere, forgetting to see things, to be conscious, to be here, and to be grateful every time you stumble, but do not fall. You inhabit so much beauty. The shoes will remind you.” May we all remember.

Anjana Raghavan is an academic with a PhD. in Culture Studies. When she isn’t teaching or learning social theory and feminism, she is either singing, cooking, or reading fairy tales, mythology and fantasy.