Issue No. 14, Autumn 2015

Saint Drama
Mary Kasimor

between preludes
isolated in a place dark flowers
filaments scattered
function stayed alive
carrying secret membranes touching
random patterns of fear cut into the brain
of dancing chemicals
performing like a pill in a commercial
stuck in a small place
she is woken up
the logical balance
of women
and darkness throws corrupted light
the river spits small holes
a row of nerves knit together
(old women knit and drink tea)
in the next room a window
for a view of other versions
it’s the sun’s resurrection
too beautiful to live
obsessed with versions of purity
saint drama
the future
unthreading the blood sealing the cracks
you’ve changed into
the odd one
the earth with eyes
isolation’s mysticism voices poetry
my gem
my diseased mind

Mary Kasimor has most recently been published in Big Bridge, Arsenic Lobster, Horse Less Review, Nerve Lantern, Altered Scale, Word For/Word, Posit, 3 AM, EOAGH, and The Missing Slate. She has three previous books and/or chapbook publications: Silk String Arias (BlazeVox Books), & Cruel Red (Otoliths), and The Windows Hallucinate (LRL Textile Series). She has a new collection of poetry published in 2014, entitled The Landfill Dancers (BlazeVox Books). She also writes book reviews that have been published in Jacket, Big Bridge, Galatea Resurrects, Poets’ Quarterly, and Gently Read Literature. She considers her work experimental—both her poetry and ink/water colors.