Issue No. 14, Autumn 2015

It Takes Two to Tarot: An Abecedarian Romance
Susan J. Erickson

As soon as Ms. Tarot Reader turned the first card—Ace of Wands—
Bob Dylan started humming in my head about times a

changin’, winds blowing and stones rolling. Then,
damn, she slaps down the Death card. I start sweating,

exhaling like an asthmatic bulldog. What does the romantic
future portend for myself and Mr. Bona Fide Good

Guy with his drown-in-place blue eyes and last-tango
hips? Friends say we are a legendary couple. Did

I mention I have red hair like Helen of Troy? And eyes of
jaded green? Really my eyes are the gray of a nearsighted

kitten. But, I’ve vamped them up with contact
lenses I got on sale when that shop in the mall named

“My Eyes Have Seen the Glory” lost their lease.
Now that shop, called Mojo, sells chakra bowls,

occult jewelry and incense. You can schedule a sound chamber
paranormal session. Or, like me, you can arrange a Love Life

Query via tarot cards. Which is how I ended up here
reviewing my amour toujours potential. She adds to the card

spread: a Sun, the King of Wands and, lastly, the idyllic
Ten of Cups. All that money I blew on skimpy black

underwear. Should I have bought a sporty pink
Vespa instead? Hey, this is the guy I’ve impatiently

waited for. I’ve served my time with hapless
exiles from The Bachelor show. Ms. Tarot Reader says,

“Your cards foretell a honeymoon on the shores of Lake
Zurich. Congratulations, darling. I can sell you discounted tickets.”

Susan J. Erickson has assumed the persona of a host of women while composing a manuscript of poems in women’s voices. Her poems appear in 2River View, Crab Creek Review, Museum of Americana, The Fourth River, Naugatuck River Review and Literal Latte. Susan lives in Bellingham, Washington where she helped to establish the Sue C. Boynton Poetry Walk and Contest. Her chapbook, The Art of Departure, was published by Egress Studio Press.