Issue No. 14, Autumn 2015

"Villain" -- Jennifer Lothrigel
Jennifer Lothrigel

Autumn Feature, 2015
Like Mother, Like Daughter, Goody Proctor, and Valentine by Meggie Royer

Watercolors by Kelsey Dean

Ava by Rachel DiMaggio
Ganymede by Robert Esposito
The Desolation Toad by C.M. Chapman
The In-Between Parts by Anthony Rocco Messina

Flash Fiction
SLC Revolution by Mark Benedict

Detroit: Belle Isle Bridge by Diane Unterweger
At the Dugout by Rebekah Rempel
Summer Shades by Amy Durant
4 Steps To Overcoming Your Addiction to Jazz by Nkosi Nkululeko
For the Love of a Cadillac and a Cousin by Ashton Kamburoff
It Takes Two to Tarot: An Abecedarian Romance by Susan J. Erickson
Trick-or-Treating (Tarzana, California) by Coco Owen
Saint Drama by Mary Kasimor
Reading the Cards by Jennifer Lynn Krohn
The Coco Man and Nine Hundred by Jeffrey H. MacLachlan
Snake Garden and My Father is a Cypress by R.G. Evans
Sloth by Ray DiZazzo
Ghost Dog by Larry Blazek

"What I See Is What You Get" -- Allegra Frazier
What I See Is What You Get
Allegra Frazier

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