Feature: Issue No. 12, Spring 2015

The Rumors of Buttons, the Knowledge of Shirts
Sarah Sadie

The shirts listened, curious and pained,
as their buttons fumbled, but never quite explained
the ecstasy of thumbs, sweet in and out,
how lonely to gape separate.

They knew a gleam at lonely, but otherwise—
no. They did not understand their buttons’ sighs.
Armpits, thought the shirts. Elbows, whispered they,
and that pale nightmare, fray.

Sarah Sadie blogs the intersections of theology, poetry and the kitchen counter at the pagan channel at patheos.com. An editor (cowfeatherpress.org) as well as writer, her poems appear in places such as Midwestern Gothic, Literary Bohemian and Literary Mama, to name a few. Her poetry has received the Wisconsin Fellowship Of Poets’ Chapbook Prize, the Council for Wisconsin Writers’ Lorine Niedecker and Posner Prizes, and a Pushcart Prize. Her collection, Somewhere Piano, was published in 2012 by Mayapple Press. She is one of two Poets Laureate (2012-2016) of Madison, where she lives with her husband and two children.