Issue No. 13, Summer 2015

"By a Hare" -- C. A. LaRue
By a Hare
C. A. LaRue

Summer Feature, 2015
How to construct a room with wet hands
The path taken by my grandmother’s piano thrown at the moon
by Shinjini Bhattacharjee

Creative Non-Fiction
Chunnel by Marc Fountain

Frigg Mourns by Ani King
Black Feathers, Beady Eyes by Caryn Studham Sutorus
Dark-Side Dreaming by Christina Im
Bloom by Sera Flynn
The Making of Mermaids by Ken Poyner
Scander and the Red Briar Prince by Sean Robinson

Dream of Cold Steel by Sue Howell
Awake to Follow by Roberta Feins
A List of My Most Recent Sins by Laurin DeChae
Moroccan Mosque by David Radavich
House of Mystery and The Good People by Courtney Bates-Hardy
The Fairest Queen by Samantha Brodsky
The Many Places We Leave Behind by Jeri Edwards
Sometimes I Would Imagine a Knife and The Artist Has a Powerful Hunger by Alicia Elkort
The Glass Slipper Speaks by Michael Boccardo

"Summer World" -- Louis Staeble
Summer World
Louis Staeble

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