Feature: Issue No. 15, Winter 2015

Chapter Nine

Emily took a step backwards. Our Lady nodded at two women. Emily felt broad hands grab her arms. She struggled. They tightened their grip. The air heaved.

“Let go of me,” she cried. She searched the faces of the women in the crowd. Their eyes were worn shells. Our Lady smiled. She moved closer to Emily. Her dress brushed against Emily’s fingers. Emily tried not to feel it. The silence was swollen with her heart beats. Our Lady’s gaze was moon flash. Emily looked away from her face. She didn’t want to meet her eyes. She tried to focus on Our Lady’s dress. It was the colour of crumbled garnets.

“Speak,” Our Lady said. Emily felt the city spinning around her.

“Yes,” she murmured. Our Lady nodded again at the two women. They let go of Emily’s arms. Emily stared out at the crowd. They looked at Emily as if she was a shadow shape made by still hands. She felt Our Lady reaching for her. She inched away from Our Lady’s grasp. Our Lady’s gaze was ice sweeps.



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