Issue No. 15, Winter 2015

Laurel Run’s deep green,

so full of light
gathered & flung out that water
shimmers in all directions. A fallen
tree, stripped to inner bark, shows
former jagged edges water-polished.
Rhododendron leaves line the brook’s
bed. What strata of life lives here below
the water-striders, the spiders web-hung,
that struts its short span hourly? And we,
whose longer spans churn with torpor,
trapped in daily worries, what fields
we have to wander. The green’s so light
it gives a blessing. Take off your shoes,
make yourself at home.

Susan Sailer’s poems have recently appeared in Paterson Literary Review, Kestrel, and Sugared Water. To date she has published a chapbook, Coal, a book, Ship of Light, and have a second book forthcoming in 2016, The God of Roundabouts.