Issue No. 18, Autumn 2016

Lynn Fanok

A promise of gold grips these fortune hunters:
grown out of control by listening to snake tongues,
they discover a lion’s share of days into nights.

Drop your shifting from the river’s edge
to your token burlap sack of dust.

You’re a locomotive engine hissing in the heat along with
other minor miners—deputies of desperation, clutching empty canteens;
stealing another’s bread and water.

Chuck it in. Call it what it is—a tale of fools, of desperation,
spread around a campfire, caught fire.

Lynn Fanok’s return to graduate school reignited her interest in writing poetry. She has written a collection of poems about her experiences as a survivor’s daughter examining her family, memory, and history. Her poetry has appeared in several online journals. Lynn lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania where she leads a poetry series at a local independent bookstore. You can read more of Lynn’s poetry at