Issue No. 18, Autumn 2016

"It Shows Shine" -- Christine Kern
It Shows Shine
Christine Kern

Autumn Feature, 2016
A Selection of Photographs by Christine Kern
The Wild Swans by Laura C.J. Owen
In the Dining Hall of the Glass Mountain and Bones Knock in the House by Mary McMyne

Juniper by Sara Button
The Frozen Pond by Jessica Dylan Miele
Perhaps the breath of a pitiable god after all by Ian Angus MacLean
The Mermaid by Evelyn Henry
Conjure by Jan Stinchcomb
The Spruce Room by Laura Knapp
Newlyweds by Evan McMurry
Summer House by Christian Holt

"The Aeronef Tracks #1" -- HAEL
The Aeronef Tracks #1

Chasing the Mustang Moon by Sandi Leibowitz
Fruitless by Lynn Fanok
I Leave the Iron Age Entirely to One Side by Annie Stenzel
Ghosts of the Empress Hotel by Rebekah Rempel
Insensible of Concussion, The Inevitably Lost, and All the Way Down by John W. Sexton
Spain by Katharyn Howd Machan
Witness by Sarah Ann Winn
Amy Winehouse: Blue-eyed Soul and Julius Rosenberg Murmurs from the Dead by John Davis
The Dark has Beauty All Its Own by Kailey Tedesco
The Buffalo Return to Illinois by René Ostberg
Elegy to Aunt Jo by Barbara Krasner
Anchors by Seth Jani

"Untitled #5" -- Ana Prundaru
Untitled #5
Ana Prundaru

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