Issue No. 16, Spring 2016

The brave night blooms with broken teeth
Emma Karnes

Warriors have been
gathering darkened shards, horizon
ribs, dusk and glow, and
sculpting them into women, whose lips
taint the eclipsed world and
whose legs break the
light of stars. Perpetual, the warriors
bleed their night while
mountains beside the sea cast veils
to the water, as if the women
float beneath, holding their breath.
One night still and none have died,
none have slept. As more darkness
is collected more darkness is born,
out of the pain of so many
shadowed women.

Emma Karnes was born in Rochester, New York and now lives in Ithaca, New York. She has had poems published in Cyclamens and Swords, Verbaleyze’s “Reaching Beyond the Skies: Young Writers’ Anthology,” and Word Soup End Hunger. Emma continues to write poetry and hopes to share her work with as many people as possible.