Issue No. 16, Spring 2016

I am Waiting for You, an Ordinary Man
Robin Dawn Hudechek

(For the Lady of the Lake)

I am waiting for an ordinary man
to take my sword from my hands
and lift me from my lake bed
as water channels in folds from my
damask skirts, and the sun
sends its tiny fires bobbing on the water,
flickering around my hair and face.
I want these torches to cool,
to burn out. I never wanted
to be burdened with light
when the water itself is so cold.

I am waiting for an ordinary man,
not a king, no—never a king.
I want a man who
who will not leave me
when I forget to lower my eyes
or when I stand on my own balcony
wearing only a thin robe, legs bare,
bowing to no one.

Kings are too busy.
Kings have no time for garden walks
or laughing at moonlit shadows
or stealing kisses. Kings have courtiers
and horses and endless wars,
and girls—oh so many girls to tie
their favors—bright and filmy scarves
in their lovers’ breast plates.

I am waiting for a day when I can sit
warm under the sun, as the blue
leaves my lips and I can tuck my toes
in shoes free of seaweed
and dainty enough to dance in.
I am waiting for you with your mussed hair
the color of newly-pressed wheat
and your impish smile, wicked enough
to banish the faeries to their groves.
I am waiting for you to take my hand
and lead us into a forest
where trees are high
and shadows are deep
and where our kisses
are exposed to no one
but the moon and ourselves.

Robin Dawn Hudechek received her MFA in creative writing from UCI. She has two chapbooks: Ghost Walk, The Inevitable Press, 1997, and Ice Angels, published in IDES: A Collection of Poetry Chapbooks, Silver Birch Press, October, 2015. Robin lives in Laguna Beach, CA with her husband, Manny and two beautiful cats.