Issue No. 16, Spring 2016

"Swan Prince" -- Ruth Daniell
Swan Prince
Ruth Daniell

Spring Feature, 2016
Azrael: Year 7 by Luke Guidici
In the Shadow of Giants, photography by Fabrice Poussin

Tony and the Apocalypse by Andrew Hogan
The Eclipse by Rebecca Harrison
Among the Phlox by Iva Levarre
To Sing Her Body to the Soil by Brigitte N. McCray
Forget Me Do by Sara Dobie Bauer
Fire at the Soul by Mary Anna Evans
The Seventh Swan by Gina L. Grandi

Flash Fiction
The Boys in the Bluffs by Jennifer Todhunter
Rosie by Jennifer Hernandez
Here There Be Giants by Cathy Ulrich
Circles of Ice by Kathryn Michael McMahon
A Small Evolution and A Pearl Bed by Melinda Giordano

I am Waiting for You, an Ordinary Man and Mermaid on a Rock by Robin Dawn Hudechek
Double Vision by Anca Vlasopolos
The brave night blooms with broken teeth and Jaide by Emma Karnes
A goose observes a train at dusk by David S. Briggs
By Way of Water and Lover’s Autopsy by Lana Highfill
Mozart Effect by Virginia Konchan
Poetry is over by Charlie Baylis
Snow and the Lie by Lanette Cadle
In the Other Room by Len Kuntz
The Audition and Loon. Or by Gahl Liberzon
Magdalene by Alessandra Bava

"Leaf" -- Christine R.
Christine R.

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