Issue No. 17, Summer 2016

Godiva Among the Lowly

I dream of strolling

down the aisles
of Lowe’s

daring anyone to speak
about propriety

dress codes.
It’s out of season

and I am cold.
So why am I here?

To boldly go?
To rescue the clothed

from rack and screw
do-overs of mediocrity?

But no one says a word.

Busy with carpet cleaners

they push past me
Beauty in the aisles of Lowe’s.


Take me as I am
which ain’t half bad.


next to shower doors
I pose.

But no one
turns to stare

though in Lowe’s
they are everywhere.

After doors close

I do not question
good of skin

just that it’s too damn cold
to leave ignored.

So I’ll come again
in spring

my hair grown like Godiva’s

naked gleaming
down streets of gold.

Beth Walker has published poems from her series of fairy tale characters in Yellow Medicine Review and in New Millennium Writings.