Issue No. 17, Summer 2016


Today I took a long bicycle ride
On the back country roads and noted the
Great majority of meandering,
Migrating wooly caterpillars
Resembled miniature Marilyn
Monroes made, by forces of nature
Beyond their ken, bright blonde and slow to move
To avoid objects and events that
Surely will destroy them.
Nevertheless the Lepidoptera
Portend a meek and mild winter this year.

Ned Randle’s poems have appeared in a number of literary publications such as The Spoon River Quarterly, Poydras Review, Emerge Literary Journal, Barnwood International Poetry Magazine, The New Poet, Hamilton Stone Review, and Four Ties Literary Review. Running at Night—Collected Poems was released April 1, 2013 by Coffeetown Press. His chapbook, Prairie Shoutings and Other Poems, was published by The Spoon River Poetry Press, Bradley University.