Issue No. 17, Summer 2016

"Morning Light at the Lake" -- Blandine Chambonneau
Morning Light at the Lake
Blandine Chambonneau

Summer Feature, 2016
The Leonids by Andi Boyd
The Daughter of Owls and Golden Rings by Katharyn Howd Machan

Creative Non-Fiction
Desperate by Ray Scanlon
Barbie’s Occupation by Donna Marsh

PROPHECIES by Reno Evangelista
Dawn in the Ruins by Sarah Hogg
What Jeannie Needs by Kelly Lynn Thomas
There Go I by Nina Fortmeyer

Flash Fiction
The Willows by Lynne Barrett

Pebble’s Funeral by Ingrid Bruck
The Palm-Reader and Godiva Among the Lowly by Beth Walker
Brunnhilde’s Solo by Tammy Robacker
Bone People by Danelle Lejeune
Stuff by Julia C. Alter
I check the obits by Sandra Storey
aesop’s blues by John Sweet
Macchu Pichu of Your Mind by Gary Glauber
Prognostication by Ned Randle
Black Widow by Ion Corcos
Autumn Walk by Claudia Serea

"Impression #1" -- Priyanka Tewari
Impression #1
Priyanka Tewari

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